Kevin Justin Williams

HKL_200x200Kevin is a producer, writer, filmmaker and comic.  He founded HKL Productions in 2010 and serves as Executive Producer.

He was born in Missouri, served in the Navy, lived in four cities by age 21.  He came from a family where his parents did not attend college, and he is the youngest of three brothers.  As a military veteran and an MBA, he has worked in many industries up through his 30s.  Therefore, his creative pursuits are based on his real life experiences.  His topics focus on not being labeled or confined, being honest with yourself, taking risks, emotional relationships, being vulnerable, and society’s ridiculousness.  His delivery is conversational storytelling.

He has been seen in on NBC, CNBC, Fox, America’s Comedy, News Works, and even Lenny Kravitz’s “Come On Get It” music video.  He was a semi-finalist in The 2010 Midwest Comedy Competition as a published writer, his articles have been in NBC News’ and The Harvard Business Review. As a stand up comedian, he was a semi-finalist in The Midwest Comedy Competition.  Kevin performs at New York City comedy clubs including Caroline’s On Broadway, Gotham Comedy Club, The Laugh Lounge, New York Comedy Club, Broadway Comedy Club and The Comic Strip Live.

As a professional writer, he uses his storytelling skills to help those who need help applying to all types of tough schools.  Kevin has toured colleges including Stanford University, Morehouse College, Columbia University and Hofstra University. He has performed in comedy clubs all over the U.S. and most recently in the Philippines.  In addition, he has performed and spoken at many private companies and fundraisers, most recently for the Obama Campaign.

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