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Comic of the Month – Brian Grossi


Where are you from and what is it like there?
I’m from Floral Park, NY, which is a town on the border of Nassau and Queens.  Most people there are Irish, Italian or both (including me).

How has your comedy career met or not met the expectations you had as you began this career?
So far, so good.  My goal since day one was just to improve everyday and it still is.  People who saw me perform early on have told me I’ve come a long way in a short time so I’m happy to hear that.  But you can always get better. I just try to do everything I can to make sure the next performance is stronger than the last one.

Who are your 3 favorite living comedians?
Chris Rock for his energy, Chappelle for his originality and Joan Rivers for her longevity.  It’s crazy to look her up on Youtube and see performances on TV in black and white.  You have to respect the fact that she’s still around and has fans across three generations.  Plus being a woman, she took a lot of risks in those days by talking about things like marriage and abortion.

Who are your 3 favorite dead comedians?
George Carlin, Phyllis Diller, and Leslie Neilsen.  Wasn’t a stand-up but his movies still make me crack up every time.

How would you describe your material?
Honest.  I write about topics that I care about and that people have an opinion about.  That could mean anything from my family to politics to Chipotle.  If you don’t care about the things you write about, you get sick of the material real fast.

How do you balance pursuing comedy as a career with starting and maintaining personal relationships?
There’s supposed to be balance? haha  Right now, I’m definitely concentrating more on stand-up than anything else.  But if someone comes out to see a show, I definitely make an effort to spend some time with them after.

How do you feel about the institution of marriage?
I’m 25 and I live in New York City.  We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Where would you like to see your comedy career in 5 years?
I’m just thinking bout my show on Thursday right now.  I’d like that to go well.

What inspires you?
People who go after their passions. I just graduated college not too long ago, so to see most of my friends busting their ass at jobs they don’t like makes me scratch my head a bit.  People forget that you can choose what to do with your life.  If you wake up every day and complain about what you do, then you’re not doing what you’re supposed to.  I guess my inspiration is to avoid that.

What frustrates you most about the world of comedy?
Time—between working all day and performing every night, I could really use an extra few hours of sleep each night.

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