Henry Cruz

Henry grew up in New York’s South Bronx — home to the best crack and heroin in the world. Dodging bullets and gang violence outside, his biggest challenge at home wasn’t his abusive heroin-addicted Dad…it was growing up surrounded by loud Puerto Rican women — that included his two sisters and his Mom. He quickly learned to shut his pie-hole and escaped into the daydream world inside his head.

At school he barely spoke and was extremely shy and mostly ignored by all. Teachers used sign language to communicate with him while others just called him the Space Cadet. Convinced the world shit-lemons on him for a reason he quietly began twisting his dry sarcasm into comedy-lemonade, more so to keep him from crying.

A proud Film School Drop-Out Henry earned some real Street-Creds in the Porn Business — and wants everyone to know that he’s a big shot Auteur in some obscure village in France. His various day jobs included technology research writing that nobody wants to read.

Henry plays many comedy clubs around the NYC area including New York Comedy Club, the Laugh Lounge, Gotham Comedy Club. Some of his Comedy influences include the smart wordplay of George Carlin, the painful truth of George Lopez, the social-taboo-busting Sarah Silverman and the quirky Andy Kaufman. He lives with his two Gay dogs and will continue to serve up his comedy-lemonade sweetened with a side order of truth.

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