Keith Furstenberg

Keith a native New Yorker grew up in Queens with his emotionally distant middle class family. A horrible student he dropped out of community college after he couldn’t find proper parking.

The comedy light bulb went on at a young age watching and acting out his favorite Bugs Bunny cartoons, he since matured to wanting to be more like Mr. Burns from the Simpson’s. As a child he did voices into a tape recorder, and heard voices in his head. The voices were nice. They took the place of real friends.

Humor always shaped how he dealt with life especially at work and during the painfully slow death of his marriage. As an EMS worker, he was one of the first responders in Katrina where he saw death and delivered a baby. He barely dropped any babies, if he did drop one he always caught them on the first bounce.

When he couldn’t save someone, he reasoned God — always one step ahead — just had a better plan. It was during this dark time when a therapist after laughing at the way he told his depressing stories suggested he try comedy. Adding, “Your last check bounced, you should take up Comedy.”

On stage he tells off beat stories, he embraces his edgy self deprecating introspective humor like a wet blanket.
Keith plays at many comedy clubs in NYC but what he really wants to do is direct…traffic. And eventually produce Comedy shows, like the “Train Wreck Comedy” under the belt of Hugs Kisses Laughs he currently produces with his Henry Cruz.” He has two children that he loves dearly with two different women that he loved dearly at one point…yes, he gets around. His children put up with him — their his favorite audience. He makes them laugh.